Welcome to my blog! Nearly 7 years ago we lost our first child, a son, at 32 days old. It’s been a rollar coaster of a 7 years. Sometimes I think we won’t make it through but somehow we do. I’ve needed an outlet for the raw emotions that come with this type of situation for quite some time. Thankfully/Unfortunately I do not have a single friend or even family member that understands. Sometimes they say the wrong things. Sometimes they just flat out forget. Sometimes their insensitivity just astounds me. That’s where the blog comes in to play. I can get these feelings out. Maybe I can even help some on out there in internet land along the way.  In Life after infant loss: Our Lion’s Legacy you’ll get to see inside our day to day struggles as we try to “move on with our lives”. You’ll smile, laugh, cry, and probably even be offended at some point. On the good days (because those do happen) you’ll see my rants and raves about everyday life, couponing adventures, parenting a toddler, and all things life in general. After all, there is life after loss…just a different one.


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