I see my child everyday. Period.

I’ve been really wanting to do a post for each of my boys. Their birth story and some of my favorite memories. A “meet my babies” post. I figured it’ll help you understand why I’m here sharing my rants and feelings with the world. It would certainly give some insight to my loss and life after which is what this blogs all about but to do it to the best of my ability (and to my liking) I need some free time. What’s free time?! It’s certainly minimal for me being a full time mommy and a full time employee



Those that personally know me know that October is even more hectic and demanding than usual because I have overtime and double shifts at my job because it is our inventory time.  So I suppose “meet the babies” will have to wait a little bit. Until then you get to hear my random rants 😀 I was sitting eating dinner with the boyfriend and the little one and I was looking at him and thinking “I’m not going to see him much tomorrow”. Tomorrow is my first double shift this month. I’ll be at work from 8am til probably 10ish pm. I think a lot of parents would just ship their kid off to the closest grandparent or relative for the night but not me. I see my child EVERYDAY. He turned 3 years old in August and I’ve seen him everyday.  All 1152 of them. Yes, I just sat here and figured that out. I’ll see him before work. I’ll grab him from preschool on my inbetween break and get him where he’s going and I’ll get him after and cuddle him to sleep. No, it might not be much but it’s something. Am I a little weird about it? Probably. Is it because I lost a kid and I’m attached? Probably. Am I being a good mom by being there instead of always shipping my kid off? In my eyes yes. It drives me nuts when people send their kid to the grandparents every weekend (or even more often). And for what? so they can have a “break” or time to themselves? Guess what your parents raised their kid(s) and now its your turn. Or how about the ones that only have partial custody and don’t bother going to the visits or calling? How in the world do you function?! A piece of you is away from you and you don’t even care?! UGH! Then there’s people that have lost or can’t have at all and these people get to keep their kids? grr oops sorry got a little off track there. Either way I do think I got to the point I was trying to make. Anyway, this month is a little rough. On all of us. But no matter what I make it a point to see my baby everyday. You guys will see me soon enough. Until next time…

❤ Momma Lion


One thought on “I see my child everyday. Period.

  1. Carrie says:

    Not seeing Kaylee is the hardest part of being in the hospital as much as I am. Especially when I am on the wards that don’t allow kids under 12.She was 5 when she had her first sleep over and I was a wreck the whole time. You are a great mom and it’s amazing that you have seen Mr.Man every day of his life. He’ll remember this stuff when he’s grown and because of it will make a wonderful father to his children some day.

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